$7,200.00 USD


Era - Antique

Materials - 14K Gold, Garnet Cabochons & Diamonds

Weight - 46 grams


At the base of every spine lies a serpent—according to Hindu tradition. Too often coiled in on itself by the burdens of being, the serpent dreams of unfurling in a flood of Divine feminine energy. When awakened, this kundalini power revitalizes the soul within and transfigures the world without. An extraordinary celebration of expansion and essence, the spectacular Gold & Garnet Snake Bangle is—to us—the embodiment of this sacred force for good in this world.

Masterfully composed of 14K gold, garnet cabochons, and diamonds, this intricately engraved bangle is singularly sensational. With their reputation as stones of sensuality and passion, it is only fitting that garnets adorn this marvelous masterpiece. Gems shaded the color of lifeblood itself, garnets are said to both stimulate and sustain creativity and courage. Diamonds, too, are gems known to empower imagination and ingenuity—stoking the flames of renewal and revolution within the heart of the one who wears them.

A bewitching tribute to transformation, this stunning snake bracelet has charmed wearers for more than a century. Bejeweled witness to shifts of all sorts, this phenomenal bracelet honors the evolution of our own humanity and the divinity within us all.