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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold, Diamond (2.07ct, N/I1 GIA)

Size - 6.25


There is perhaps no sexier shape a diamond can take than the marquise cut diamond. Commissioned by King Louis XV, the cut owes its faceted form to His Majesty’s desire for a diamond designed to resemble the lips of Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise of Pompadour and his favorite mistress. 

When she was a child, a fortuneteller told Jeanne she would one day reign over the heart of a king, and her family did all they could to ensure prophecy became reality. Encouraged to develop her talents and education, Jeanne Antoinette amplified her beauty, wit, and position in society, and when she was 22 year old, Louis XV noticed her for the first time. Soon he was smitten, and Jeanne Antoinette did indeed reign over a king’s heart. Her influence shone beyond the throne and Jeanne Antoinette influenced an entire country. The love she inspired in Louis XV is immortalized forever in the form of every marquis diamond. 

An everlasting kiss—that’s what the Marquise Solitaire Diamond Ring brings to mind. With 58 radiant facets, the 2.07 carat diamond at the heart of this stunning ring shimmers and shines with the love from which it is given. Past and present unite together in this vintage 14K gold solitaire ring as the historical regal romance responsible for the cut of this diamond becomes a part of your incredible future with your beloved. Tales will be told of your love, too, and how it shaped the world far beyond what you can imagine.