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Era - Contemporary

Materials - 18k Gold and Opal

Size - 6.25

Temperamental. Capricious. Quirky. These are just a few of the favored pejoratives for sensitive souls. But we wear them like badges of honor because we know we are in good company. Opals have a reputation for being a bit touchy and so does the sea. But like us, their magic is in their mystery, and those who handle each with care are rewarded with treasures unknown to the average person. 

Fashioned from 18K gold, this gorgeous Opal and Gold Ring puts us in mind of a whimsical watery wonderland populated by naiads and mermaids. We can almost hear a chorus of bewitching voices call to us as the kaleidoscopic colors swirl and catch our eye. Misunderstood by some, the opal that centers this magnificent ring is a gem fit for fairyland, bringing the mystical into the everyday. Known to be gemstones which stimulate creative energy and encourage dynamic expression, opals are also said to release inhibitions and help wearers realize their full potential. We think this marvelous ring found its way to us so it could find its way to you—a perceptive and passionate soul whose enchantment matches its own.