$550.00 USD


Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamonds & Pearl

Length - .25in

Some of the most astounding transformations begin in the darkness. In mysterious places where no light breaks through, a becoming commences. What develops in obscurity emerges in radiance. The metamorphosis is complete. This is how both pearls and butterflies bring their wonder into the world. And it is to these magnificent beings we look for a reminder that the spaces of darkness through which we journey are not always endings. Sometimes they are a chance at a new beginning. 

Fashioned from 14K gold, diamonds, and pearls, these charming Pearl and Butterfly Studs are a whimsical addition to any ensemble. Known as gemstones which honor the unique wisdom earned through experience, pearls are said to help those who wear them enjoy equilibrium throughout all the ebbs and flows of life. Perfectly complementing both the appearance and symbolism of the pearls, butterflies are honored as beings which represent renewal and rebirth. As creatures who bring a little thrill of delight wherever they are seen, butterflies are also believed to be spiritual messengers carrying messages of hope and remembrance to those they grace with their presence.

Delightfully unique and brimming with meaning, these vintage studs are ready to empower you with graceful beauty as the pearls and butterflies lend their gifts to you.