$485.00 USD


Era - c1940s

Materials - 14k Gold, Pearl, Ruby & Sapphire

Ring. Ring. Ring. 


The 1940s are calling, and do they ever have tales to tell.

Fashioned from lustrous 14K gold and featuring radiant rubies, sparkling sapphires, and a luminous pearl at its center, the Retro Telephone Charm was created during an era of profound change. With World War II occupying the first half of the decade, everything from domestic life, fashion, and entertainment to science, medicine, and industry revolved around the idea that every single individual had a contribution to make to national victory. After breathing a collective sigh of relief at the end of the war, the country went to work adapting the innovations of wartime for civilian life and lavishly celebrating the end of rationing and restrictions in all areas of life.

The extravagance of style that is this perfectly retro charm is a testament to the changing times. No longer requisitioned for the war effort, gold could be enjoyed for aesthetic pleasure once again. And it is only fitting that rubies and sapphires shimmer in a delicious halo around the gorgeous pearl at the heart of this charm. Symbolic of passion and a zest for life, rubies are gemstones of vitality while both sapphires and pearls represent wisdom and good fortune. United together, every component of this charm honors the dynamic nature of the decade, making it so much more than just a singularly engaging piece to add to your collection.