$1,150.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Yellow Gold, Coral

Size - 1.5"

The Victorians are often represented as something of a stuffy lot—conventional and somber—but they were a people who loved adventure. From their Grand Tours to their collective fascination with all things Egyptian, the Victorians lived vicariously through the tales of times and civilizations filled with exploits, mysteries, and wonders. Particularly of interest in the Victorian era were the Etruscans—people who lived and loved on the western coast of modern Italy between 700 and 300 BCE. Expeditions to explore Etruscan tombs unearthed vast amounts of goldwork that delighted and inspired those back home.

Crafted in the style of ancient Etruscan jewelry, the Victorian Coral Drop Earrings are a testament to a time when ancient archeological discoveries in other lands heavily influenced the design of contemporary jewelry. Fashioned from 18K yellow gold and coral, these delicious Victorian drop earrings feature a gemstone known for helping wearers find a sense of grounding in the present. Symbolic of wisdom and happiness, coral was been credited throughout history with protecting the wearer from harm and inspiring spiritual and emotional growth. Elegant yet bold, these coral drop earrings are a stylish adventure in adornment, bringing the beauty of history into your present.