$8,900.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 18K Gold, Imperial Topaz

Length - 17"

When Queen Victoria’s heart shattered at the death of her beloved Albert, the mourning rituals of an entire nation were altered to accommodate the depths of her grief. Already masterful mourners who refused to pretend lives were not upended in the wake of death, the Victorians became even more committed to manifesting their melancholy in dress and jewelry. Exquisite adornment worn during a time of sorrow, this stunning Victorian Imperial Topaz Mourning Necklace is history, tribute, and magnificent pendant all in one.

With mourning periods extending from four weeks to two years depending on one’s relationship to the deceased, the attire of the bereaved reflected their outward journey of grief. Wearing only somber colors in the earliest of days, mourners were permitted to brighten up their dress a bit at a time as the end of the mourning period drew ever close. From this understanding, we can estimate that this particular necklace was worn near the upper limit of the grieving period required by politeness.

Composed of imperial topaz nestled within 18K gold, this Victorian necklace enhances every occasion with its singular splendor. Prized above all other topaz, imperial topaz has earned a reputation as a gemstone which keeps the heart from being embittered by the trials and tribulations of life. A sensational sunshine shade, imperial topaz is also said to ease emotional upheaval and center the spirit within its grounding energy. Dazzling memento from yesteryear, this necklace is a phenomenal addition to any collection and every occasion.