$7,700.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Diamonds (6.5tcw)

Length - 20"

Millennia before the dashing Vintage Diamond Tennis Necklace was designed to showcase the bewitching blaze of these radiant gems, diamonds were prized for their utility rather than their beauty. Discovered more than two thousand years before the first rudimentary cutting and polishing techniques were invented, the strength of these gems was put to good use in all manner of tools, but it was not until centuries after their discovery that uncut and unpolished diamonds first began to take their place as coveted adornment. 

Since those long ago days, though, diamonds have dazzled and delighted countless humans throughout the whole world, and this stunning vintage tennis necklace leaves no question as to why. Featuring more than six total carats of tantalizing shimmer and sparkle, this necklace puts us in mind of the strength within which keeps us going throughout the toughest of days. Irrevocably shaped by all our befores, we shine on. More than that, though, our own flashes and flickers of brilliance illuminate the lives of those around us. 

A celebration of what we discover within and what we choose to share with the world, this vintage diamond necklace captivates wherever it goes and pairs perfectly with anything we can think to put on our own glorious bodies.