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Era - 1950s

Materials - Platinum, Emerald (3.08ct) & Diamond (.53ct)

Size - 5

If ever there was a gemstone that embodies the adventure of romance from the first flirtation to enduring companionship, the emerald is that gem. And if ever there was an emerald ring perfect for celebrating such a journey of love and respect, the Vintage Emerald and Diamond Dream Ring is that ring. 

Throughout time and civilizations, emeralds have been prized for their exceptional beauty. With a color poets have described as the green of life itself, these magnificent gems have bewitched nearly all who have been fortunate enough to encounter them. Known as a gemstone which opens the heart and empowers compassion, it is no wonder emeralds are considered the gem of flourishing relationships. United with more than half a carat of radiant diamonds—jewels of strength and resilience—the brilliant emerald at the heart of this gorgeous ring finds its purpose in the love shared between two people.

Masterfully fashioned from pristine platinum and exquisite gemstones so enchanting they might have been brought to our realm from a fairytale, this marvelous vintage ring conveys the love and passion of decades past and decades yet to come.