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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Diamonds

Length - 6.5"

Weight - 19 grams

We love a straightforward gold and diamond masterpiece, and the Vintage Gold & Diamond Bangle is just such a treasure. Effortlessly elegant, this vintage bracelet features an array of radiant diamonds enrobed in gleaming 14K gold. 

Though humans were first captivated by diamonds more than 2500 years ago, the first known use of diamonds in jewelry did not occur until 1047. In the nearly new kingdom of Hungary, those in power craved the thrill of diamonds in their adornments. As this was before anything but the most rudimentary of cutting techniques were invented, we can only imagine the astonishment those royals would feel at just one glimpse of this handsome bangle. 

More than a historic reputation for being among the most sought after gems in the world, diamonds are also said to bring blessings to bear on those who wear them. Among these are clarity of mind, determination of purpose, and resilience of spirit. 

A radiant ornament suited equally well for every day and the most memorable of occasions, this vintage diamond bangle is a timeless delight.