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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold, Jade

Size - 7

Since as early in human history as the Neolithic era, jade has been beloved by those who live in the area of the world we know as China. Though gold is precious, jade is priceless, according to some ancient Chinese sayings. Happily, though, the Vintage Jade & Gold Ring Orb makes it completely unnecessary to choose between the two. 

Fashioned from gold and jade orbs affixed to an 18K gold band, this vibrant vintage showpiece displays the dynamic wonder of each element united together. Symbolic of abundance, gold has long been associated with wisdom, enlightenment, and illumination, while jade is credited with bestowing protection and prosperity on those who wear it. Though found throughout many regions of the world, jade is particularly treasured where it was first discovered—not only for its beauty but for the integrity, honor, fidelity, and discipline it is said to embody. Gazing at the shadows and shades of green in this vintage ring, it is easy to see, too, why jade is said to be a gem of tranquility, clarity, and peace.

Striking style and significance unified in one stunner of a ring, this vintage gold and jade masterpiece is a parade of marvelous that turns even the most ordinary days into extraordinary ones.