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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Jade

Size - 3

When you are born the crown prince of the Kingdom of Pure Felicity and Majestic Heavenly Lights and Ornaments, you’re bound to be something of a cheerful gent. Joyful indeed was the Jade Emperor. But he did not simply keep his delight to himself. Considerate, benevolent, compassionate, and kind, this God of Gods in Chinese mythos honored all who lived. It is no surprise then, that the gem associated with him is said to bestow favorable fortune on all. And the intriguing Vintage Lucky Jade Ring is a stylish blessing indeed. 

Fashioned from 14K gold branching around the jade gemstone at its center, this auspicious vintage ring makes us feel lucky just looking at it. Considered a healing stone as well as a guardian gem, jade has long been cherished throughout the world. It is the stone for those who would smash through their self-imposed limitations and discover the depths of their own brilliance. In moments of uncertainty, jade is said to be a calming influence on the spirit. Inspiring, restorative, and beneficial to all who wear it, jade is the stone of dignity and courage for all. And in the organic beauty of this singular vintage ring, we see a tribute to all that is good in the world and in us.