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Era - 1980s

Materials - 18k Gold and Peridot (3.81ct)

Size - 7.5

She is known as the mother goddess—a divine being of protection, magic, and wisdom. Beneficent and sympathetic, her maternal guidance and care attracted worshippers far beyond the Nile Delta where she originated. Her name is Isis. Spring is her time to shine. And peridot is her gemstone. 

With a hue reminiscent of verdant foliage, peridot helps wearers integrate the rhythms of Mother Nature into their daily life. As a gem of transformation and abundance, this national gemstone of Egypt inspires creativity and, much like Isis herself, encourages harmony in relationships. Formed within the mantle of the earth, peridot finds its way to the surface only through tectonic and volcanic activity. For this reason, it is a stone which is said to lend its strength to wearers as they see even the toughest of endeavors through to completion. 

Designed and crafted by the Italian luxury company BVLGARI, the Vintage Peridot BVLGARI Ring is a tribute to the divine feminine in all of us - men and women. Set into shimmering 18K gold, the brilliant peridot at the heart of this exceptional ring offers an invitation to embody the courage, tenacity, and kindness of Isis herself as you continue to discover your own magnificence.