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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K White Gold & Diamonds

Length - 16"

Rumor has it the shape of the heart we know and love honors the female body. And with good reason. For though there have always been those who wish to extinguish it, the intense sensual fire within the soul of woman warms the world, burns through what matters not at all, and remains aflame to this day. In tribute to just such a blaze of brilliance, the radiant White Gold & Diamond Heart Necklace shimmers, sparkles, and stuns. 

Fashioned from 18K white gold and diamonds, this vintage beauty makes a gorgeous gift for romantic milestones. As gems said to embody fortitude, determination, and commitment, it is clear to see why diamonds are the gem of love. But the fantastic thing about love and about this spectacular necklace, too, is that both are also perfect for giving to yourself, too. 

A celebration of all that dazzles and inflames in a spirit, a smile, a soulful connection, this vintage white gold and diamond necklace adds a scintillation of splendid to any occasion.