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Era - Vintage c1930's-1940's

Materials - Hand Carved Platinum Band and Diamond (5.96ct N/VS2 GIA)

Size - 5.5

It was 1936. Spain was high on the uprising of socialism, her people standing up and organizing after witnessing the brutality at the hands of Nazi Germany that was bleeding all across Europe. With the example of France creating The Popular Front and establishing egalitarianism, Spain’s working class began opposing social hierarchy and government corruption as well.

I can only imagine the intoxication of hope swelling in the chests of the people there. All experiencing this buzz, electricity surging through their bodies as they were inevitably to become part of great social change.

On February 16th, 1936 a new era was ushered in with The Popular Front winning by 53 votes. The streets were filled with the cries and celebrations of a newly liberated people. When researching I came across old photographs from this time; I could almost smell the air, feel the pressing of hearts pumping against one another as they danced through the nights. However, this victory was to be short lived… Spains own Army was already plotting to overthrow the new government before it had begun. By July of that year, Spain was the battleground of her own Civil War bringing with it deep mistrust, meddling from other European countries and a desire to fight to the death for Spains future by her people. 

Over the conflict Spaniards started to leave in the thousands, departing their native homelands for refuge in countries like Brazil, America and Mexico with whatever they could carry with them.

Which brings us to this ring. Once belonging to a wealthy family who had sympathized with the radical left and forced to flee, it found its way across oceans, secreted in trunks aboard ships, trains and cars to land in Mexico City. It was once gifted along with other belongings to a local Parish, raising funds for the poor. Later, it would be sold again and acquired by an antique dealer with a passion for diamonds that hold stories as vibrant as the rainbows that they cast in the sunlight.

And now onto me, and then unto you. With the spoken word creating scenes in our minds and more to uncover in these warm, deep facets.