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Era - Antique, Georgian Pin Converted to a Ring 

Materials - 18k Yellow Gold and One (1) Carved Lava Rock

Weight - 9.75g

Measurements - 26mm x 22mm

Size - 7

Note - "If the Roman emperor Claudius had been a flawless specimen of humankind, he may never have been emperor at all. Walking with a limp and slightly hard of hearing, Claudius was undervalued by his family and considered nonthreatening by potential enemies during the purges of Tiberias and Caligula. But when it came time to declare a new emperor after Caligula’s assassination, it was Claudius who won the nomination. And it was Claudius who began expanding the Roman Empire into Britain.

The Carved Lava Roman Cameo Ring would likely not exist without Claudius. Without his push to conquer British tribal land, the Romans may never have made it into what we know as the United Kingdom. And without the Romans as part of their country’s history, who knows if the Georgian artisan who crafted the pin of carved lava converted into this ring would have bothered to create it at all. 

What we do know is that no one should be discounted for what others see as imperfections. Even when we are dismissed as not quite good enough by others, we can still accomplish wonders beyond what our detractors can imagine. Let this magnificent gold and lava ring inspire you to embrace yourself as you are. You are still writing your own story. And it’s going to be epic."

- From Elizabeth Kranz Potts