$3,200.00 USD


Era - c1920's 

Materials - Platinum & Old Euro Diamonds (1.2cts total, G/VS1)

Measurements - 9mm x 6mm

Weight - 16g

It takes a kind of courage to light up a room, to glimmer and glow with a zest for life. Brilliance frustrates those who have become accustomed to shadow, and for their comfort they will demand we dull our shine. We say no. And in refusing to diminish ourselves, we join ranks with people throughout history who have had the audacity to embody their existence with boldness. People like the women of the 1920s who challenged the limited imaginations of society and stepped into their own being in a brand new way. 

Crafted in a time of transformation, the Art Deco Diamond Stud Earrings are an enchanting tribute to the incandescence of the era. Set in pristine platinum, each Old Euro cut diamond was masterfully crafted by hand for jewelry as singular as the one who wears it. A celebration of inner radiance, these delicious twinklers are a delightfully simple way to add a bit of extra sunshine to any day. To wear them is to catch the light of your own being and let it out for all the world to see.