$1,625.00 USD


Era - c1990's 

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamonds & Emerald

Measurements - 16in

Weight - 16g

To cultivate sustained harmony between the head and the heart is to dance the peculiar dance of being human. To disconnect one from the other is to compromise the integrity of the whole. Equilibrium. Equanimity. Evolution. All rooted in the relationship between logic and emotion, thought and feeling, substance and imagination. Each the other’s contradiction and complement—the head and the heart are ultimately inseparable.

The Diamond Ring Pendant celebrates the friendship between one’s own mind and soul. Fashioned from 14K gold and crowned with an emerald—a gem of the heart chakra—this elegant necklace reminds us to lead with love. As jewels of the head chakra, the diamonds prompt us to act with wisdom and clarity as we journey through life. Joined together they honor all facets of humanity. Worn for ordinary or remarkable occasions, this exquisite necklace is for anyone who appreciates the paradox inherent to living and loving well.