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Era - Art Deco

Materials - 14K White Gold, 5.00 ct Aquamarines, Pearls & 2.50 ct Diamonds

Weight - 11.4 grams

As the jewel of merfolk, treasure of the deep, and gemstone of Atargatis—Assyrian Goddess of water—aquamarine has been charming mortals for thousands of years. And centering the brilliance of the Art Deco Aquamarine Belle of the Ball Earrings, these marvelous gems are working their magic again. Splendidly composed of 14K white gold, luminous pearls, dazzling diamonds, and gorgeous aquamarines, these beguiling cascades of artistry have bewitched for more than a century. 

Once prized by sailors as a talisman of protection against the caprices of the sea, aquamarine has long been believed to reflect the Divine in the same way the heavens are reflected in the surface of still water. It is a gemstone of serenity and symmetry and credited with bestowing upon those who wear it a heart of exuberant joy. 

Consorting with these alluring aquamarines, each radiant diamond and lustrous pearl enhances the overall splendor of these Art Deco earrings—both in beauty and significance. Remarkably romantic, diamonds are dewdrops of abundance distilled while pearls honor the exhilarating ebbs and flows of life. 

Fascinating fountains of Art Deco elegance, these singularly sumptuous earrings enchant in the company of any ensemble.