$820.00 USD


Era - Egyptian Revival 

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamonds

Measurements - 22mm (w/bail) x 10mm 

Weight - 2g

Though home may be where the heart is, the imagination often strays far from the familiar. And during the early 20th century, nowhere and no time on earth seems to have captured the imagination of the Western world quite like ancient Egypt. Enchanted with tales of pharaohs and sphinxes, people clamored for Egyptian motifs and design in everything from architecture to home decor to jewelry. They got what they wanted, and Egyptian Revival was born.

Fashioned from 18K gold, the Egyptian Revival Pharaoh Charm features the engraved image of a pharaoh wearing a nemes headdress with a dazzling diamond band. Worn whenever the ruler took the form of the sphinx, the nemes was also a traditional funereal headdress symbolizing the royal ka—the spirit bestowed upon the pharaoh at birth which continued to exist after death.

This spectacularly detailed charm weaves two historical periods into your present. Wearing it, you may find yourself stepping through life with more confidence as you greet the day and whatever it brings in the company of gold, diamonds, and royalty.