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Era - Victorian Brooch converted to a Charm

Materials - 14k Gold & Old Mine Cut Diamond (.50ct)

Measurements - 1.5in x .7in

Weight - 3g

In Victorian times, masculinity was a somewhat superficial concept often involving the ample consumption of meat, mandatory participation in athletics, and hunting expeditions to India and Africa in search of big game—if one could afford such luxurious travel. To bring home a trophy from a successful hunt was to gain the admiration of gentleman and ladies alike as the bearer regaled audiences with tales of adventure. 

The Victorian Tiger’s Claw Charm made its initial debut into the world of adornment as a Victorian brooch. It is not beyond the bounds imagination to guess that it originally was presented to a woman as a gift which proved the virility and daring of the giver as such displays of machismo were not uncommon in those times. Today, however, this 18K gold charm with an old mine cut diamond exists as a testament to the tiger itself. Said to offer the wearer courage, tiger claws serve as a reminder that true dignity is found in honoring all living creatures—including ourselves.