$9,800.00 USD


Era - Art Deco

Materials - 18K White Gold, Onyx & Diamonds

Length - 7"

Weight - 27.50 grams

Unprecedented prosperity. Unreserved innovation. Unbridled passion. Un- seemed to be the prevailing prefix of the Art Deco era. Casting aside all considered stodgy and superfluous in the wake of World War I, audacious artisans fashioned masterpieces for the modern age—adornments of sleek geometric composition no less dazzling for their precision. 

An unparalleled exhibition of this aesthetic movement, the Art Deco Onyx & Diamond Bracelet is a radiant ornament of historical significance. Crafted in an era when all good things seemed possible, this post-war stunner features the complementary charms of onyx and diamonds enrobed in platinum. 

According to Hebrew tradition, onyx was an element of the world’s creation and thus is credited with grounding the wearer to all existence and rooting them in the timeless wisdom of collective history. As a balance to both the color and meaning of onyx, diamonds signify the courage to forge one’s own path and step into whatever adventures come next. 

Harmonizing together in unrivalled splendor, the onyx and diamonds of this brilliant Art Deco bracelet are a tribute to the beauty we bring to our worlds when we dare to shape them as we dream possible.