$650.00 USD


Era - Edwardian

Materials - 18k Gold

Measurements - 32 x 24mm

Weight - 3g

Sometimes it can take us a while to rediscover ourselves amidst the embellishments we’ve added to our essence in an endeavor to satisfy others. Our attempts to meet with the approval of someone else can obscure who we really are even from our own self. A return to what is essential begins with curiosity. Who were we before anyone told us we should somehow be different? Tracing the truth of our being helps us recognize what is elemental and authentic in our lives. Once we know that, adding flourishes to our own existence becomes about honoring who we are rather than diluting our magnificence. 

With its plumes and whorls, the French Edwardian M E Pendant symbolizes this adventure of recognizing and honoring the beauty of being yourself. Delicately fashioned from 18K gold, these curls and swirls invite admiration and a closer study of their pattern to see what can be spotted only with careful attention. This exquisite pendant is a celebration of intricate wonder and can be worn simply for its captivating elegance or as a reminder to appreciate the thrill of being genuinely you.