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Era - Late 1800's 

Materials - 14k Gold & Amethyst 

Measurements - 44 (w/bail) x 36mm

Weight - 7g

Symbols of faith—in the divine, in each other, in ourselves—offer a tangible reminder of something powerful yet unseen. Throughout history and traditions, humans have created totems of belief to accompany them on their journey. Some are worn for good luck. Some are said to lend strength to the wearer. Some are displayed as a sign of devotion. For all, these mementos serve a purpose as individual as the ones they adorn. In Christian traditions, one such emblem is the cross. Worn by ecclesiastics and laypeople alike, the cross serves as a sign of faith and a reminder of sacrifice. 

Christianity was the prevailing religion of the Western world when this handsome Iesus Hominum Salvator Cross Pendant was fashioned with 18K gold and amethysts. Latin for Jesus, Savior of Men, the Christogram IHS is engraved at the center of the four gold corner crosses. With a color symbolic of royalty, amethyst was often used in religious jewelry to indicate an allegiance to Christ. And as a stone of the crown chakra—through which we can access to higher states of consciousness—this gem has been said to offer clarity of vision as well as peace to the wearer. While such a cross as this one has a special place in the Christian tradition, its artistry and magnetism belongs to everyone. This beautiful pendant transcends the bounds of religion and serves as a celebration of the triumph of spirit over circumstances.