$625.00 USD


Era - c1910

Materials - 18k Gold

Measurements - 40 (w/bail) x 22mm

Weight - 8g


King Edward VII was quite the charmer—and not just of the ladies. Though his reputation as a bit of a lothario disenchanted his mother Queen Victoria, his general bonhomie won the hearts of men and women alike in his own country and abroad. He made friends wherever he went and was known to have quite a few lovers. Did one or more of these women carry his photograph with her in a locket such as this one? Quite possibly. For lockets were and continue to be a meaningful way to hold the image of ones we love and miss. 

Designed during King Edward VII’s reign, the Edwardian Gate Locket features the golden flourishes typical of jewelry during this era. The gate design symbolizes separation as well as the hope of reunification some future day. Fashioned from 18K gold, this elegant pendant is a stylish choice for keeping the image of dear ones with you always. Whether worn every day or reserved for special occasions you long to celebrate with the one you are missing, all you have to do is open this locket to be reminded that the magic of love keeps hearts together even when bodies are apart.