$850.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold

Measurements - 43 (w/bail) x 24mm

Weight - 4g

Design as devotion. Artistry as adoration. Creation as communion. The Vintage Madonna and Child Pendant celebrates the sacred bond between mother and child and serves as a reminder of the faith many hold dear. Skillfully crafting this image in 18K gold, the artisan of this vintage pendant captures a moment between the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child significant in its utter humanity. Though haloed and crowned to signify their holiness, this engraved golded image captures tenderness, curiosity, and patience, and holds forever a mortal moment between the Queen of Heaven and her little boy. Worn in faith, this handsome pendant offers inspiration, but its beauty belongs to all regardless of religion or creed. Simply as a work of art, it serves as an eloquent reminder to honor the human and divine in all of us.