$1,500.00 USD


Era - Victorian 

Materials - 14k Gold & Enamel 

Length - 15in

Weight - 9g

The hue of the heavens. The shade of the sea. The blush on a small summer berry. Though a primary color, there is nothing simple about blue. In color psychology, blue is associated with tranquility and composure, but it can also be intense. It inspires reflection and signifies peace. In Victorian times, blue flowers symbolized eternal commitment and—due to their general scarcity compared to flowers of other colors—an appreciation for the unique qualities of the one who received them. 

A pigment with as many meanings as there are tints and tones, blue is the focal point of this charming Antique Blue Enamel Chain Necklace. Perfectly complementing the 14K gold of each delicate segment and chain, the impressive enamelwork catches the eye. Expertly crafted during the Victorian era, this historic pendant is an excellent choice for a simple solo necklace. Layered with other necklaces, though, its allure enhances the dynamic of any look. An elegant example of Victorian artistry, this delightful beauty does blue proud.