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Era - Vintage setting with updated, contemporary stone

Materials - Platinum, Diamonds, Madeira Citrine

Size - 6.75

Hypnotic. Glamorous. Dazzling. The Custom Cut Madeira Citrine Sugarloaf is a study in exquisite visual contrasts which perfectly complement each other. Nestled in the brilliant embrace of platinum and diamonds, the spectacular Madeira citrine at the heart of this phenomenal ring derives its name from its resemblance to the stunning shades of Madeira wine. Updated and contemporary, the sugarloaf cut of this handsome gem highlights the impressive depth of amber color within its boundaries.

Adorning humans throughout the world for thousands of years, citrine is known as the gemstone of joy. It’s reputation for dissipating negative energy and attracting abundance has been among one of the many reasons it has been prized throughout time and cultures. Believed to increase devotion as well as promote harmony, citrine is a stone of sustained romance. And its affectionate meaning is increased when accompanied by diamonds—gems of tribute to unbreakable bonds.

Singularly captivating in its unique design and significance, this marvelous ring makes an extraordinary gift to one whom your heart honors or a fantastic thrill for your own radiant self.