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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold & Pearl  

Size - 5.25

Measurements - 18 x 15mm

A remarkable building stands at 653 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Fashioned in the style of Italian Renaissance, the New York home of Cartier is notable for its magnificence inside and out. Once the expansive private home of Morton F. Plant, it was sold to Cartier in 1917 for $100 and a double strand of natural South Sea pearls adored by Mrs. Plant. As we have a love affair with pearls, we cannot help but think Mrs. Plant got the best of that bargain. And with their presence in historical records going back before the 5th century BCE, it is clear that we are far from the only ones smitten with the magical gems.

Fashioned from 14K gold and a luminous pearl, the radiant Vintage Pearl Ring is perfect for showing off just why pearls have been prized for thousands of years. Marvelous wonders of the world, pearls were once believed to be daughters of the moon and tears of the gods. Said to offer those who wear them the ability to maintain equilibrium amidst the ebbs and flows of life, these lustrous orbs of spectacular allure are the perfect accompaniment to any ensemble along the spectrum of casual to formal. Requiring no cutting or faceting by human hands to manifest their elemental beauty, pearls symbolize honoring exactly existence exactly as it is. A tribute to nature, a celebration of essence, and a statement of impeccable style, this divine vintage ring is truly a treasure for the ages.