$2,100.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k White, Yellow and Pink Gold  

Size - 8

When distinctly visionary minds collaborate in creation, magic comes to life. As proof of this, we need only look as far as the enchanting Tri Color Cartier Rolling Ring. Expertly fashioned from 18K white, yellow, and pink gold bands interlocked in a design which first delighted the world of jewelry nearly 100 years ago, this stylish vintage ring would not exist without a partnership between artists of different persuasions. 


Originally designed by Jean Cocteau—a poet, playwright, filmmaker, and designer in his own right—the first rolling ring—or trinity ring as it is sometimes called—entered the world of adornment through the craftsmanship of Cartier in 1924. Since those initial days of creation, this ring design has delighted all who have been fortunate enough to wear a Cartier rolling ring. Symbolic of love, fidelity, and friendship, this elegant Cartier ring is a handsome tribute to the connections which keep us human as well as a celebration of the wonder which manifests when individual elements harmonize together in a chorus of magnificence.