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Materials 18k Gold & Vintage Shield Cut Diamond (approx .60cts)

Size - 4

Weight - 8g

Width - 11mm

Condition - New

Coming in contact with old diamonds is a pleasure, an honor and sometimes evokes an even deeper feeling, as though somehow you’ve been given a gift of some kind. Been asked to look after and protect someone’s memories. These particular diamonds here framed in 18k gold tell a story, leave a legacy of a man who grew up amidst the birth of the Diamond District in New York City.


JH was the son of a jeweler in the age of The Great Depression. Even though many Americans across the nation felt the impact, New Yorkers found a way to thrive, as we always do. The Arts flourished, the Golden Age of Film was created as more people found solace and growth in creativity.


After high school, JH apprenticed with his father as a diamond cutter. Fancy shapes were his cuts of choice, spending countless hours at his wheel perfecting baguettes, crescent moons, tapered baguettes, triangles, shields... All were packed away afterwards in neatly folded parcels of paper with his handwriting in soft pencil noting the weight and details of each diamond.


He quickly became a feature of 47th street, coming to work everyday and playing basketball and baseball after hours. He was an honest man. A good man. Despite the fashion of it he never smoked. He ate healthy and was known to enjoy a cold Pepsi from time to time; I can imagine in those sweltering NYC summer days when air conditioning was just a dream.


JH died at age 55, too young as the saying rings true, when a cancerous growth spread from his kidneys to his lungs. His wife always swore it was from the lead that Jewelers used to dip their fingers in while working.


I never got to meet JH, but I feel a magnificent gratitude to this man who left behind a family that I have come to adore, his fathers legacy that has somehow deeply affected my own business decades after he passed and what someday I’ll leave to my own children.


These signet rings were not made to be found in a fancy store, duplicated for mass consumption. These diamonds are set to be treasured, loved, passed down to the next person and weaving a bit of JH’s story with your own.