$1,450.00 USD


The ‘play-of-color’ we’ve all come to know and love, that sparks inside precious opals, is caused by the diffraction of light that bounces between the silica spheres that are stacked like microscopic marbles in a box. Sounds complicated, I know. Because it is. Mother Nature is one hell of a crafty lady.

Opals are formed by ancient rain seeping into the earth’s cracks carrying dissolved silica and settling in rock or fossil crevasses. The water dries, a few years pass (millions, to be more exact), and this process repeats itself a couple times (millions, to be more exact - again). If by chance, the sub-microscopic silica spheres have arranged themselves in that rare grid-like pattern, a precious opal emerges – along with its breathtakingly firework-like wonderment.

The ultimate in back-to-nature babe accessories, The Organica Necklace boasts a precious opal in all its rainbow fruity pebbled glory. It’s set in honeycomb colored 18-karat gold and accented with seven glittering diamonds, all hanging on an 18-inch link chain.

Rock this baby solo or layer layer layer. Either way, this vintage stunner delivers that extra zing your décolletage deserves. Your Mother (Nature) would be proud.

Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold, Opal & Diamonds

Length - 18" chain