$2,100.00 USD


Ever seen something so radiant it makes your mouth water? Well, you aren't alone.

An affluent late-Middle Age Italian family would have been served ricotta in a gilded mold. In Medieval times, the idea of eating gold not only showed off wealth and power but was believed to give the consumer the rare and precious magic that it held. 

This buttery golden 25-gram necklace is a decadent accessory with the right amount of fire. While we don’t recommend smothering it in honey, wearing it will make you feel like the most delicious, lickable dessert. It’s an 18-inch blanket of sunshine contouring your collar bones in sexy, sultry 14-karat gold.

She’s sensual, addictive, and the perfect treat.

Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14k Gold

Length - 18in" & 5.5mm wide

Weight - 25g