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Era - Art Nouveau 

Materials - 14K Gold & Old Mine Cut Diamond (est. 0.65ct)

Size - 6.75

Weight - 3.80 Grams

Woven through the tapestry of jewelry design are the threads of world history, and thus every piece of jewelry is a reflection and reply to the happenings of humans throughout the years. Art history made manifest, the charming Art Nouveau Diamond Ring reveals glimpses of the time in which it was created with a sophisticated composition that makes it a timeless accessory.

Originating in an era when adornment without affectation centered the design ambitions of visionary artisans, the free-flowing, almost foliate, lines of the golden band mark this delightful diamond ring as quintessentially Art Nouveau. Galvanized by their own dissatisfaction with the ostentatious style of many Victorian ornaments, Art Nouveau artisans looked beyond the Western world for the elegant simplicity they craved. And they found the inspiration they sought in the creative prowess of the Japanese artisans invited to participate in the 1862 International Exhibition in London. With an appreciation for the delicacy and dignity of nature, these Japanese artists inspirited the world of Western jewelry with a focus on simple lines and natural flow. And the Art Nouveau movement was born.

A brilliant masterpiece of the era, this gorgeous ring features a luminous .65 carat old mine cut diamond rooted at its center. Cut and polished by hand with an eye towards maximizing sparkle by candlelight, the 58 facets of this remarkable diamond shimmer and shine in any illumination. Truly a work of antique art, this radiant ring brightens any ensemble with its historic, global beauty.