$715.00 USD


Era - Art Nouveau

Materials - 18k Gold

Size - 24mm

Weight - 6g

Along the rainbow, a goddess travels bearing messages to mortals from the gods. Her name is Iris. With golden wings, she moves throughout the world at the speed of the wind. Springing up from the soil each spring, the flowers which bear her name are said to be remnants of her prismatic robe—their cultivation bringing favor on the earth. 

In ancient Greece, irises were planted on graves in hopes they would summon the goddess for which they are named as a guide to the dead on their journey. Throughout time and the world, they have been symbolic of valor, wisdom, and hope. For both their color and their stately appearance, irises have also been used to symbolize royalty and power. 

The irises accentuating the child at the center of The Beautiful Boy Pendant are cast in 14K gold. Representative of the Art Nouveau era—with its emphasis on organic motifs of natural elements and asymmetrical design, this necklace charms with its uncomplicated beauty. Perfect for extraordinary occasions or everyday wear, this enchanting pendant may even catch the attention of the goddess herself.