$1,600.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 14K Gold, Emeralds & Diamond

Size - 5.5

Just over a century ago, thousands of women throughout the US and UK were embattled with the powers that be as they demanded the acknowledgment of their inherent equality with men. And those who adorned themselves with jewelry as they fought for the cause of equal rights selected diamonds and emeralds to represent the suffrage colors of white and green. Thus the bewitching jewels of the vintage Emerald & Diamond Stacking Ring are more than simply splendid in their radiant beauty. They also continue to embody the courage, resilience, hope, and victory they represented all those years ago.

Set in 14K gold, the emeralds and diamond of this elegant vintage stacker bring their brilliance to bear on everyday occasions of bravery. A celebration of the bold, this gorgeous ring honors the dreamers and the doers, those who seek justice and all who love with abandon. Perfectly suited to solo endeavors, this vintage ring also plays well with others. A tribute to the tender and tenacious, this enchanting stacking ring livens up any day with its singular charm and enduring significance.