$25,000.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 5.64ct Opal & approx 2.68ct Diamonds, 14K Gold & Platinum 

Size - 5.5

While many experts in gemstone history declare the origin of opal to be found in the Sanskrit word upala—precious jewel—Pliny the Elder wrote that opals were named for Ops, earth Goddess and deity of fertility. And since the glamour of the Opal and Diamond Whole World Ring shows Pliny clearly knew what he was about when he also wrote that opals embody the combined magnificence of rubies, emeralds, and amethysts,  we’ll trust there’s some truth to his version of their name. 

Also the matron Immortal of abundance, riches, and prosperity, it seems most fitting that Ops would lend her name to the marvelously mystical gemstone we know as the opal. Inimitable jewel of transformation, opals are said to resonate with the bountiful vitality of the Mother Goddess and thus empower wearers with dynamic vision and the steadfast courage to give birth to their own fulfilling futures. Fiery flashes of lightning forever imbedded in stone—according to ancient Bedouins—opals are believed to liberate from inhibitions, stimulate cosmic consciousness, and protect wearers from all which might harm them. 

Utterly bewitching, the kaleidoscopic colors radiating from the matchless center opal conspire together with an exquisite chorus of dazzling diamonds to inspire admiration wherever this phenomenal vintage ring is worn. A scintillating study of complements and contrasts, this vintage masterpiece of platinum and gold does impeccable justice to both the name and significance of the majestic gem at its heart.