$770.00 USD


Era - Vintage With English Hallmarks

Materials - 18K Gold & Diamond

Size - 7

Beyond the confines of time or distance, there is always a place for souls in love. At least that was the hope embodied by the buckle rings so often donned by smitten Victorians who were restricted from openly professing their affection by the rigid rules of polite society. In the threading of the buckle into itself, Victorians saw the secure loop of fidelity, protection, affection, and devotion which bound them to their beloved. And when the one they adored departed from the realm of the living, Victorians wore buckle rings in mourning to honor a heart connection unable to be severed by such trivialities as death.

Composed of 18K gold and twinkling diamonds, this Vintage Starset Diamond Buckle Band is an enchanting tribute to timeless sentiments and a stellar adornment for anyone. Enduring significance  combines with vintage style to bring this buckle ring to its rightful place in the chronicles of your collection. Whether worn for fashion, feeling, or a fusion of both, this dynamic dazzler brightens up any day and every outfit.