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Era - Vintage

Materials - White Gold, Lindy Star Sapphire & Diamonds

Size - 6.25

With a glamour so bewitching that stories of her have been told for thousands of years, it probably seemed most unfair to her contemporaries that Helen of Troy also possessed an extraordinary star sapphire—or so goes a few of the legends about this acclaimed woman of beauty. In fact, lore exists which would have us believe it was actually the star sapphire itself that motivated scores of men to contend for her heart. And while we can never condone wooing someone simply for their fabulous jewels, the superb wonder of star sapphires does seem to cast a powerful spell over those who see them. 

Showing off the unique charm of the celestial gem, the darling Lindy Star Sapphire Ring features twinkling diamonds and a lovely Lindy Star Sapphire held within a white gold embrace. Said to be the embodiment of Divine wisdom in gemstone form, the rays of the star sapphire represent hope, faith, and destiny. Precious jewel of sacred stories, it is also credited with empowering those who wear it with clarity of vision and purpose in their endeavors. A brilliant blue celebration of myth, magic, and mindfulness, this gorgeous vintage ring—much like Helen of Troy herself—radiates allure wherever it goes.