$790.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K White Gold & Cabochon Sapphire, Diamonds

Size - 10

There isn’t much we have in common with Ivan the Terrible, but an adoration of sumptuous sapphires is something shared between us and the first tsar of Russia. While displaying the marvels of his treasury to Sir Jerome Horsey—English explorer and envoy of Queen Elizabeth I—Ivan the Terrible waxed poetic about the celestial blue gemstone and credited it with enhancing courage, bestowing joy, and satisfying all the senses with its physical beauty and mystical attributes. And thus we are certain he would be as enamored of the Sapphire Cabochon & Diamond Ring as we are. 

A divine vintage creation featuring engraved 14K white gold, diamonds, and a splendid cabochon sapphire, this handsome ring is sophistication made manifest. Especially prized by rulers and ecclesiastics throughout history, sapphires have long been credited with conferring wisdom and protection on all who wear them. Believed to enhance the imagination as well as the self-discipline necessary to make dreams reality, sapphires are said to be particularly auspicious adornment as one pursues the attainment of goals. And set into this stately ring, the sapphire is simply stunning to behold.

A singularly striking ornament, this vintage sapphire ring offers excellent finger coverage as it dazzles all in its company with its eternal elegance and maybe even some of the enchantments sapphires have often been said to cast on those fortunate enough to possess one.