$550.00 USD


Era - Victorian 

Materials - 10k Gold, Coral Drops

Ancient times saw coral worn as a talisman to protect the wearer from evil, sickness, and pain.

However, I’m quite convinced that it was our alluring friend Jane Harley, the Countess of Oxford (1774 – 1824), who made wearing coral a bona fide trend. Her love of men was nothing compared to the string of red coral she donned around her neck. Her simple round necklace complemented the fashionably low necklines of the Regency era.

The masses noticed, and the wealthy followed suit.

Jane wasn’t one to deny desire, from her men, her marriage, or her jewels. As a patron of the Reform movement, she found romance with many progressives of the time – notably, the poet, Lord Byron. Honestly, who could resist his iambic tetrameter, “She walks in beauty, like the night, Of cloudless climes and starry skies…”

Rippled coral Victorian drops hanging from the ears, bursting from 10-karat gold hoops like a peachy orange sun ray – yes, please, may I have some more? 

Ward off evil, look luxe doing it.