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Era - Vintage

Materials - Gold & Oval Cut Citrine

Size - 8.25

The embodiment of all that makes good days great, the exuberant sunshine of the Citrine Garden Ring delights wherever it goes. Nestled within a whimsical golden embrace, the lustrous oval cut citrine at the heart of this vintage ring has a reputation for gifting good fortune to all who wear it. 

Said to attract affection and happiness, citrine has been prized the whole world over as a gemstone of prosperity. But not content to simply bestow blessings on its wearers, citrine is also believed to enhance the wisdom of those it adorns so any luck offered is put to a worthy, prudent use. And because abundance is meant to be shared, citrine is a gemstone credited with encouraging generosity.

A charming vintage sunbeam of a ring, this radiant adornment brightens both casual and formal attire with its unique warmth and beauty and leaves us in no doubt as to why citrine is known as the stone of success and the gem of joy.