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Era - Mid Century, Brutalist Era

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamonds (.70cts)

Size - 3

Some things roll into our lives organically, like memes, or avocado toast.

Other things barge in without knocking, like charcoal ice cream, bulletproof coffee, or the rough-around-the-edges era of Brutalism (1950s – 80s). The word sounds harsh, I know, like a masculinity tagline, but it stems from the French word for concrete, “beton brut”. Say it with a French accent. Sound prettier? Thought so.

The movement was part of that Mid-Century Modern trend of form following function. During its heyday, Brutalism was condemned for its nonconformist attitude.

This Mid-Century size 3 US pinky ring has squares on squares on squares that make you want to break the rules and rock it as a midi.  Talk about bending boundaries - more like crushing them.

Chunky, jagged, geometric, goodness smothers you’re finger in 18-karat gold and .70 carats of diamonds.

Because babe, you’re avant-garde. Eat that charcoal ice cream. Drink that bulletproof coffee. And rock this ring like it’s going out of style. Brutalism isn’t just for the boys.