$1,250.00 USD


Era - Art Deco 

Materials - 14k White and Yellow Gold, Diamond & Sapphires

Size - 8


When it doubt, wear sapphires. For if lore and legend are to be believed, this brilliant blue gemstone composes confusion into clarity and unmuddies the most befuddled of minds. In ancient Greece, the bewitching sapphire’s reputation for guiding the wearer in the way she should go was so settled that those who consulted the Oracle of Delphi adorned themselves with the gems in order to better understand what Apollo—God of Prophecy—wished for them to know. 

A fascinating ornament of gold, diamonds, and sapphires, the Art Deco Sapphire Arrow & Diamond Ring was brought into being more than 2000 years too late to be worn at Delphi. But coming of age during an era of collective transformation and expansion, the reputations of its gemstones were all the more meaningful. Sapphires for wisdom and enlightenment. Diamonds for courage and fortitude. Each aligned with the other to form a ring remarkable in both its beauty and significance.

Singularly Deco in its design and delight, this exquisite ring may not exactly shout the words we need to hear on any given day, but we think it goes a long way towards reminding the wearer of their own sparkle and savvy whenever it is worn.