$5,500.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, 7.40ct Oval Yellow & Pink Tourmaline, 1.90ct Diamonds 

Size - 6.5

Weight - 26.13 grams

Off the coast of mainland Italy, there is an island called Elba. Famous for being the land to which Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled in 1814, it also plays a starring role in gemological history. For it was on that island in the late 17th century that the gorgeous gem tourmaline was first discovered. Since that auspicious day, tourmaline has enchanted across the globe, and one glimpse at the spectacular Tourmaline & Diamond Bracelet is enough to know why.

Exquisitely composed of 14K gold and a 7.40 carat oval yellow and pink tourmaline surrounded by a chorus of delicious diamonds, this striking vintage bracelet has thrilled for decades. Discovered centuries too late to be dedicated by ancient Greeks to the Muses, tourmaline is nevertheless credited with inspiring creativity and enhancing both the scope and depth of dramatic expression. For this reason, it is an excellent talisman for actors, writers, artists, and musicians. Literally a gem of attraction, the pyroelectric properties of tourmaline are also said to amplify helpful psychic energies while dispelling negativity.


A vintage piece that makes us feel positive about life every time we see it winking its thrilling beauty our way, this tourmaline and diamond bracelet bewitches wherever it goes.