$21,000.00 USD


Era - Vintage Hans D Krieger

Materials - 18K Gold, 3.38ct Rectangular Emerald & 2.26ct Square G IF Diamonds

Size - 16.5

Weight - 92.53 grams

Three hundred years ago, the goldsmiths and gem cutters of the Hans D Krieger family were first mentioned in the city registers of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Since then, the Krieger family has continued to make a most respected name for itself in the world of fine jewelry. And one look at the spectacular Gold Chain & Emerald Krieger Necklace perfectly exhibits why. A masterful composition of scintillating diamonds and a thrilling center emerald suspended from a glorious 18K gold chain, this fabulous vintage necklace is a shimmering showpiece of exquisite artistry. 

A sexy vintage necklace if ever there was one, this Krieger masterpiece does full justice to the gorgeous rectangular emerald at its heart. For more than 6000 years, emeralds have been sought, found, coveted, purloined, and prized. Believed by ancient Sumerians to contain the spirit of Ishtar herself, these greenest of green gems have long been associated with sensuality and abundance and continue to be credited with revitalizing passion. 

Not to be outshone, though, each square diamond radiates its own brilliant wonder from within a golden embrace. Known as the gem which embodies the romantic resplendence of all other gems combined, the illustrious diamond has long excited admiration as well. Gemstone of courage and victory, it is the perfect complement to the emerald and gold of this sensational vintage necklace.

Thoroughly magnificent in every element of its design, this captivating beauty tantalizes wherever it goes as it shows off the remarkable genius cultivated throughout the centuries by generations of Krieger artisans.