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Era - Victorian with English Hallmarks

Materials - 9K Gold

Size - 15"

If you have won the heart of a queen, people will know your name. More than that, you will have an audience eagerly watching to see how you perform and what you prefer so others can follow suit. When that happens, your moniker may forever be fixed to the style of pocket watch chain you fancy above all others. And thus, your favored chain not only becomes the most popular one of the time in which you live, but also influences fashion for more than 180 years after your marriage to Queen Victoria. Or so it goes if you are Prince Albert—consort to the queen and the namesake behind this elegant Victorian Albert Chain. 

Fashioned from 9K gold, this handsome Albert chain with English hallmarks began its existence during the Victorian era. Though many varieties of watch chains were worn during the years when time was often kept in one’s pocket, this chain design of bar and swivel clasp ascended to the highest heights of popularity once it was known that Prince Albert himself preferred this style. Today, this Victorian gold chain makes a sensationally simple statement necklace on its own or adorned with charms. As a singular piece of ornamental history, this Albert chain graces the present with the timeless beauty of the past.