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Era - Blle Epoque

Materials - Platinum & OMC Diamonds

Length - 2.6"

We are smitten with those who positively shimmer with delight wherever they go in the world. As they breathe in the rapture of everyday moments, their very presence in the world is an invitation to sparkle along with them. They have learned the art of embellishing the essentials of existence with elation. If such a person were to somehow be expressed in jewelry, we think it’s likely the radiant Belle Epoque Diamond Brooch would do justice to them. And we are quite smitten with it, too.

First fashioned during the Bronze Age, brooches once served the purely utilitarian purpose of fastening one cloth to another. But in their evolution since those early days, they have become an ornament most versatile and fantastic. Though brooches are often depicted as pinned near the heart, this dynamic Belle Epoque dazzler also shines spectacularly from necklines, waistlines, and coiffures. 

Composed of gleaming platinum and a lustrous array of old mine cut diamonds, this marvelous brooch was fashioned during an era of collective joie de vivre. As peace and pleasure reigned, anything and everything magnificent seemed possible. And the cheerfulness and optimism of the age is epitomized in this gorgeous Belle Epoque brooch. Also embodied within this diamond masterpiece are courage, creativity, determination, and strength, according to diamond lore.

A remarkable reminder to bedeck the ordinary with your own singular brilliance, this antique diamond brooch is a bewitching accompaniment for any ensemble and every occasion.