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Since the beginning, pearls have been likened to the mysteries and muses of the moon. They’re born in the sea, like organic gifts from the earth. We wear them like badge of honor, a statement of mood, like Princess Di and her infamous break-up outfit (that jaw-dropping little black dress paired with her elegant pearl collar). There’s something about the lustrousness and tranquilly of this natural gem that we’re (justifiably) addicted to.

This pair of glossy pearl earrings only feeds our addiction. Each of these unique beauties boasts two pearls – one round, and one heart, patterned around stacks of twinkling diamonds. They’re set in warm, glowing 18-karat gold, like the color of moonlight reflecting on ocean water. These danglers weigh a total of 38 grams, which might be a little heavier than the average but we’re certainly not complaining. Just look at these wonders, these perfect two-inch-long pieces that frame the man in the moon in gold and complete him with a heart.

It’s the earring version of a classic string of pearls, taking our obsession to the moon and back. They’re the glowing orbs your ears have been whispering to you about. 

Era - Vintage 

Materials - 18k Gold, Pearls & Diamonds 

Length - 2in"

Weight - 38g