$620.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold 

Size - 1.5"

Weight - 6.07 grams

For those born during the latter weeks of summer, it is said the Star-Maiden watches over their lives. Known in Greek mythology as the Goddess Astraea, this deity of justice, innocence, and fidelity is said to have ascended to the heavens during the Iron Age to become the Virgo constellation. Those who enter the world of humans under her sign are credited with being industrious, reliable, stubborn, and imaginative. And the Vintage Virgo Charm beautifully celebrates these marvelous beings of the zodiac’s sixth astrological sign. 

Delicately rendered in 14K gold, the dancing woman at the heart of this enchanting charm is the embodiment of all that sustains life. Often associated with the harvest of grains during ancient times, Virgo is a sign of abundant manifestation and a generous presence in the world . Through its affiliation with Astraea, it also symbolizes an ardent hope in humanity’s ability to unite for the common good with those born under this earth sign often taking the lead in setting a worthy example. A fantastic tribute to any Virgo in your life—including yourself—this delightful vintage charm adds a unique beauty to any collection.