$390.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold 

Size - 0.75"

Weight - 4.98 grams

Steadfast. Courageous. Persistent. The noble sheep dog is magnificence personified. And embodying both the grace and beauty of this most charming furry friend in miniature form, the Solid Gold Sheep Dog lends an air of cheerful dignity to any necklace. 

A fascinating creature in both form and function, the sheep dog has played a vital role in the history of humankind. Living the tension between command and community, the sheep dog reserves its ferocity for all who would prey on the vulnerable. Dependable guardian of the flock and affectionate companion to humans, this phenomenal animal epitomizes loyalty, leadership, and dedication to purpose. 

As both a celebration of these captivating canines and a tribute to what we share in common with them, this golden sheep dog is a marvelous addition to any jewelry collection. Fashioned from 14K gold, this delightful vintage charm honors the bold interdependence and gallant compassion of a soul who knows it exists to be its authentic self in caring kinship with others.