$2,200.00 USD


Era - Georgian

Materials - Seed Pearls, Mother of Pearl, high karat gold & Topaz

Length - 16"

Cleopatra famously dissolved pearls into vinegar and drank her cocktail like the goddess she was. She would also wear them, but that’s nowhere near as exciting and seductive as a story where she sipped her expensive beverage and made men fall madly in love with her cunning and charm.


The mysterious Georgian woman who first donned this en vogue collar was on par with the Egyptian Queen herself in terms of taste and style – and she didn’t even have to drink it. 


Our spectacular Georgian necklace flows like lace around the neck with delicate lines and swoops of seed pearls elegantly weaving around and around and around, looping to the back where a burnt orange topaz clasp is lined in lustrous pearls, giving the nape of the neck the surprise it needs.


These jewels from the deep are a cool touch against the skin that a queen like you deserves.