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Era - Vintage Gold Mining Alaska Charm

Materials - 14K Gold 

There are those who dream and those who dare, and the liveliest of humans do quite a bit of both. A celebration of ambition, courage, and determination, the Last Frontier Pendant captures the brilliant dawn of a day full to the brim with possibilities. 

History in a pendant, this 14K gold vintage Alaska mining charm brings to mind the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896. Though a steady stream of speculators entered the Yukon and Alaska with visions of striking it rich, only the most tenacious of prospectors were able to contend with the travails of the wilderness and establish a homestead from which they could hunt for treasures. Driven to endure everything by a steadfast belief in golden possibilities, all met with hardships, some with success. And the stories which came from their adventures still haunt, delight, and inspire all these years later.

A perfect charm for honoring an intrepid soul—one which dares both to conceive and create—this singularly intriguing vintage pendant is an uncommon addition to any collection.